Young Living Academy Ecuador

At the Foundation's roots—it's our heritage.

It was a warm, tropical morning on the road to the Young Living farm—much like any other day in Ecuador. But this time he took a detour to step inside a cracking, crumbling building.

While living in Ecuador to discover and cultivate natural essential oils indigenous to the area, Young Living Founder and Chairman of the Board D. Gary Young noticed several children entering a run-down building in the small, rural town of Chongon. He passed the building nearly every day on the road to the Young Living Farm outside of Guayaquil. One day, he decided to take a look for himself. Inside he saw 42 first- through sixth-grade students crammed into one tiny room, forced to share limited supplies and sitting at broken tables while their volunteer teacher gave lessons on a damaged chalkboard.

It was unlike anything he had ever seen. How could these children learn, grow, and thrive in these conditions? They deserved better. Much better.

With a passion to serve, Gary and his wife, Young Living Cofounder and CEO Mary Young, went to work to give the children of Chongon the best schooling possible. It started with building a new, advanced school from the ground up. In April 2009 the Young Living Academy opened its doors to 83 students. Word got out quickly and more students with dreams to succeed pleaded to join the Academy. There was no way we could turn them away.

The Young Living Academy soon took in 100 students, then 150, then 200. It continues to grow and expand and now educates 350 students in grades pre-K–12.

Most children in Ecuador drop out by the 8th grade. The Young Living Academy has a 97 percent attendance rate, and our high school students are on the road to college.

On March 9, 2016, the Academy held its first graduation ceremony. With a total of 12 students graduating, the class of 2016 boasted a 100 percent graduation rate. An impressive accomplishment at any school, this rate is especially striking given that the local graduation average was less than 20 percent when the Academy started. Each of the graduates will attend college and pursue their dreams to become doctors, engineers, and lawyers and work in fields such as business administration, medicine, and tourism.

Together, we empower children in their unique capacity to change the world. Help us create the next leaders in Ecuador.

The Young Living Academy is at the Foundation's roots—it's our heritage. With your donations, we will be able to continue to build on this legacy as we offer high-quality education to local children and jobs for some of the greatest teachers in the country. In addition to a top-quality curriculum, the Academy allows students to participate in:"

  • Music classes
  • Drama and dance clubs
  • Soccer, baseball, and volleyball clubs
  • Computer and English classes
  • Hands-on agricultural education and experiences

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We believe all children deserve a quality education, and with your help we're providing that for hundreds of children in Ecuador. Get involved today and help us do more.

Sponsor a student at the Young Living Academy for $75 a month (less than $3 a day) and you'll give a child a bright future. You can also make a donation directly to the Academy to help a student have access to all the resources needed for them to achieve their full potential.