Meet the Board

Our experienced and dedicated board members oversee the Young Living Foundation’s work and ensure we are making progress toward our mission. They are leading us every step of the way as we increase our impact across the world.

  • D. Gary Young

    Emeritus Chairman

    D. Gary Young

    Emeritus Chairman

    D. Gary Young, the undisputed leader of the essential oil movement, understood the concept of making a difference perhaps more than anyone. Gary was the founder of Young Living Essential Oils and is now the emeritus chairman of the Young Living Foundation.

    His love for health, nutrition, and essential oils led to the creation of Young Living Essential Oils; and after 20 years, it has grown into the largest, privately–owned essential oil company in the world. Spreading the message of helping others worldwide to live a healthy lifestyle and be successful is also what led to the creation of the Young Living Foundation in 2009.

    Gary passed away on May 12, 2018, but his timeless example and vision continue to guide the Foundation as we look to serve and empower individuals far beyond their present circumstances more than ever before. Gary has said, "This is what Young Living is about—changing the world one person at a time."

  • Mary Young

    chair of the board

    Mary Young

    chair of the board

    Mary Young plays an active role in Young Living’s day-to-day business, providing direction to the Executive team and employees. She also plays a vital role in mentoring and empowering members as they share the mission and benefits of Young Living with the world.

    Mary was introduced to the direct-selling industry in 1985, and within two years she had cultivated and built a successful multimillion-dollar organization. Since the inception of Young Living, Mary has combined her expansive knowledge and experience in the direct-selling industry and hands-on approach to help Young Living become—and remain—the world leader in essential oils.

    Mary is also instrumental in Young Living’s philanthropic endeavors, and she leads global outreach efforts through the Young Living Foundation. She embodies Young Living’s commitment to supporting individuals and communities as they strive to live healthy lifestyles.

  • Jared Turner


    Jared Turner


    Jared Turner began at Young Living as International Associate General Counsel. His passion for fostering the company’s growth quickly brought him up through the ranks and allowed him to hold positions that included Vice President of International, Chief Global Sales Officer, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, and Chief Operating Officer. He now serves as both COO and President of Young Living, where he is responsible for creating scalable, sustainable global growth; elevating Young Living’s brand, products, and standing; and creating an ever-improving member experience.

    A results-driven leader, Jared has long been trusted by Founder and Chairman of the Board D. Gary Young and Co-Founder and CEO Mary Young to further the vision for the company they created in 1994. He is a genuine example of Young Living’s mission and the Youngs’ vision, and he is passionate about sharing that vision with people around the world.

    Jared holds a master’s degree in international relations from Syracuse University, a law degree from Syracuse University College of Law, and bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and political science from the University of Utah.

    Some of Jared’s passions are snowboarding, traveling, scuba diving, playing basketball, hiking, and spending time with his wife Felicia, sons Campbell and Kai, and new baby daughter Tatum.

  • Lee Bowen


    Lee Bowen


    Lee Bowen joined Young Living Essential Oils with more than 18 years of financial operations, strategy development, and leadership experience, beginning in 2014 as Director of Finance. As Chief Financial Officer, Lee oversees financial planning and analysis, fraud management, treasury, banking, internal audit, as well as commissions services, human resources, payroll, tax, and risk management.

    Lee earned an MBA and MSIM (Master of Science in Information Management) from Arizona State University and a BS in accounting with a minor in Spanish from Brigham Young University. His previous experience includes working at Intel Corporation, Deloitte Consulting, an expatriate assignment in Panama as Regional Director of Finance at HILTI, and Director of Financial Planning and Analysis for Nature’s Sunshine. He is also fluent in Spanish.

    Lee has been married to his wife, Tricia, for 20 years, and they have four children—three boys and one girl. He enjoys watching his children’s sports competitions, running, playing golf, and attending BYU athletic events. He starts his day diffusing either Christmas Spirit or an invigorating blend of Lime and Peppermint.

  • Kelly Case


    Kelly Case


    Kelly has been a valued member of the Young Living team for more than 15 years, and during this time she has gained invaluable insight into many areas of the business. Kelly joined Young Living as a member of the marketing department and was then promoted to executive assistant to the founders, where she also supported various areas of the business.

    Her role quickly evolved to that of a trusted advisor, where she has played a key role through many challenges and company growth. Most of Kelly’s role has taken place behind the scenes, where she has mediated issues, advised, and bridged communication across disciplines to create a cohesive environment.

    Kelly continues to be a strategic advisor, trusted voice, and sounding board to the executive team, CEO Mary Young, and Founder Gary Young but now plays a more visible role to the corporate staff and the strategic day-to-day business.

    Kelly has a bachelor’s degree in English from Brigham Young University. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two children and loves traveling, spending time at the beach, reading, and attending the theatre.

  • Jackie Skinner

    executive director

    Jackie Skinner

    executive director

    With over 15 years of experience working on program design and curriculum development, long-term impact evaluation, youth empowerment models, and fundraising with underserved communities in the nonprofit sector and the U.S. government, Jackie Skinner brings deep knowledge and passion to the Young Living Foundation. Her professional background includes working in conflict zones, informal settlements, tribal areas, and townships in various parts of the world.

    “I’m thrilled to join the Young Living Foundation, and it’s an honor to step into this role for an organization that has incredible visionary leadership, starting with Co-Founder and CEO Mary Young. I’m looking forward to working with our projects and partners and the amazing Young Living members worldwide to continue to grow the mission of the Foundation.”

    Prior to joining the Foundation, Jackie served as the director of operations at Goals for Girls, which conducts leadership development programs for young women around the world. During Jackie’s 10 years at this Washington D.C.-based nonprofit, she founded the Goals for Girls Leadership Summit, a platform for teaching young women how to create change in their communities. This summit is now running on an annual basis in India, South Africa, and the United States.

    Additionally, Jackie served as a grant specialist on a USAID contract in the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance and Office of Food for Peace and she’s led sports diplomacy exchanges with the U.S. Department of State. She has also lived and worked in Uganda with HELP International, leading and supporting a team of U.S.-based volunteers focused on creating community impact projects with local partners.

    Jackie has an incredible passion for mentoring youth. She is a teacher at heart and studied social science teaching and international development at Brigham Young University. In Jackie’s free time, she enjoys being in nature. She’s trained in wilderness survival, loves to white-water kayak, and can be regularly found in the Utah mountains hiking with her dog, Rosie.

  • Marcella Vonn Harting and Jim Harting

    Royal Crown Diamonds, Young Living

    Marcella Vonn Harting and Jim Harting

    Royal Crown Diamonds, Young Living

    As a Young Living member of 25 years, Marcella Vonn Harting has a deep love for the business. “Being an entrepreneur runs in the family,” Marcella explains. Her passion for learning is shown in her PhDs in integrated health and psychoneurology. “I could be in school my whole life,” she says. That sentiment carries over into everything she does, as seen in her email signature: “Live with passion.”

    Not only has she enjoyed achieving dreams and goals through Young Living, but she is now motivated most by helping others do the same. “I believe in people before they believe in themselves,” she says, “Serving others lights me up.” Marcella goes on to share that her happiness is a choice and a reflection of her life. “I don’t know how you could be where I am in this company and not be happy,” she says. “I wake up in the morning and know I’m making a difference. If God took me today, I would have no regrets in my life because of the experiences I’ve had with Young Living.”

  • Carol and Ben Howden

    Carol and Ben Howden

    Royal Crown Diamonds, Young Living

    Carol and Ben Howden

    Royal Crown Diamonds, Young Living

    Carol and Ben, who spend most of their home time in a small town on Vancouver Island, say their favorite part about working with Young Living is being able to help improve the quality of life for someone else. Carol goes on to say, “I love seeing when people have that ‘light bulb moment’ as they advance in their personal development.”

    Young Living products aren’t the only change that this business brought to the Howdens. Carol says that in the past she was a shy, introverted person. “Then I discovered that when you care more than you fear, you speak up,” she says. “I have no doubts about what I’m sharing, and the reward is always far greater than any fear.”

    Carol and Ben agree that Young Living has provided them with a wonderful, fulfilling life. “We love to travel, experience other cultures, and spend time with family.” Because of their experiences with this business and its people, Carol says, “Our lives will be forever changed, and we remain forever grateful.”

  • Danette and Jim Goodyear

    Danette and Jim Goodyear

    Crown Diamonds,
    Young Living

    Danette and Jim Goodyear

    Crown Diamonds, Young Living

    Danette Goodyear joined Young Living over 15 years ago after hearing Gary Young speak in Dallas, Texas. Upon hearing about Young Living’s commitment to high-quality essential oils and products, she experienced the Young Living farm in France in 2003. There she spent time working the land and watching the Seed to Seal® story unfold with Gary and subsequently became dedicated to the company.

    Danette’s husband, Jim, left his role as vice president of sales for a tech company in 2014. Although he intended to go back to work with a startup company, Jim attended the Diamond Retreat later that summer in France and there declared “Diamond is the lifestyle for me!” Now they work together with their YL team and Jim helps educate men on the wellness benefits of all Young Living products. Because of the healthy support products, time, and financial freedom YL has produced, Jim was able to train, start, and finish a 2,700-mile independent mountain bike race from Canada to Mexico!

    Pablo Picasso once said, “The meaning of life is to find our gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” Danette and Jim wrote: “Young Living has afforded us the opportunity to live a life of wellness, purpose, and abundance. It has been a gift that has changed our lives in amazing ways we could not have anticipated. With this gift comes the responsibility to pay it forward. From the very beginning of the Foundation in 2009, we have supported the mission and vision of the Youngs and The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation. It’s a vehicle that allows us the opportunity to share our blessings with individuals around the world and empower them to live lives of freedom, so they can take care of their families and give back to others. It is our great privilege to serve on the board of an organization we love and appreciate so much.”