Sponsor  A  Student

Your sponsorship will provide a student at the Young Living Academy in Ecuador with nutrition, school supplies, and a high-quality education. For $75 a month—less than $3 a day—you can make a student a part of your family.*

What will your sponsorship do?

The Young Living Foundation Sponsor-a-Student program is an amazing opportunity for you to support and mentor a child in need. Our model allows you to have a one-on-one relationship with a sponsored child, while also pooling the donations of all sponsors so that we are able to provide resources to create lasting change for the children and the community.

For example, $10 from each $75-a-month sponsorship will go toward helping us expand the school so more students in and around Chongón can enroll in the Academy and receive the best education possible. It can also help us add more fundamental resources to the school, such as updated technology, kitchen and school ground equipment, and educational supplies. Additionally, $5 from every sponsorship will go to the D. Gary Young Global Leadership Fund for Higher Education that can provide scholarships for students after they graduate from the Academy so they can pursue a university degree or vocational training in pursuit of their career dreams.


Sponsoring a student means you are joining a child on a journey as they learn, grow, and chase their dreams. You will inspire them—and they will leave you inspired.

start empowering a student today