Opening doors of opportunity through traditional and vocational education, skills building, and leadership development.

Poverty and education are inextricably linked. Lack of educational access is a major factor that prevents the economic and social development of some of the most marginalized parts of our planet. Providing disenfranchised groups with access to quality education is how The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation began with the creation of the Young Living Academy in Ecuador in 2009. Since then, investing resources to ensure adequate access to education is provided to the world’s poor has remained a primary focus of the Young Living Foundation.

Quality education is a proven catalyst to social mobility, earning potential, gender equality, and improved public health. Education offers children and youth a fighting chance against the systemic factors perpetuating extreme poverty.

A lack of quality education can impact nearly every area of life.

It can lead to:


Decreased standards
of health








Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.– Nelson Mandela

Our Five Approaches

Provide funding to schools
Provide funding
to schools

A quality learning environment is conducive to increased school attendance, engagement, performance, and literacy. In Nepal, we are funding the building and restoration of 17 schools to ensure increased capacity for students to receive an education in safe conditions. In Ecuador, we fully sponsor the Young Living Academy that provides quality education for students in rural areas where graduation rates are below 20 percent.

Increase access to education
Increase access
to education

A child’s ability to attend school is often determined by factors present before their birth —location, gender, disability, conflict, and poverty. Over 120 million children worldwide are denied access to the basic human right of a formal education, often throwing them into intergenerational cycles of poverty. The Young Living Foundation is working to turn this statistic around by providing scholarships, school fees, uniforms, and school transportation to children and youth across the globe facing significant barriers to attending school.

Support leadership development
Support leadership

The Young Living Foundation is committed to building future leaders by sponsoring leadership development initiatives to help youth from marginalized backgrounds develop the skills and training to become meaningful leaders and spokespeople. We aim to build an empowered rising generation equipped with the tools to become powerful influencers and effect positive social change in their communities.

Enhance skills training
Enhance skills

In many cases, developing a marketable trade can prove to be more advantageous than traditional higher education. We work with entrepreneurially minded youth across the globe and help them identify vocational trades that build on their strengths, interests, and market demand. We then provide resources for them to successfully complete their training and increase their earning potential.

Fund higher education
Fund higher

Attending a university or trade school gives students the opportunity to not only pursue their career ambitions, but also become future leaders in their communities. We created the D. Gary Young Global Leadership Fund for Higher Education to provide advanced education scholarships to rising leaders and deserving students who are supported by any of our partners around the world. High caliber students who, despite growing up in disadvantaged conditions, have shown tremendous leadership potential and for whom a scholarship to attend a university or trade school bridges a difficult financial gap for them and their family.