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Escalera's REACH program is making high school education attainable

This is Loxa

Loxa's family has lived for generations in the highlands of Chiapas, Mexico. This beautiful region is also the poorest in Mexico, and Loxa has big dreams to overcome her circumstances and become the first woman in her family to graduate from high school.

When Loxa isn't spending time with her family, helping around the home, and tending to her flock of 12 sheep, Loxa spends her time learning. She loves going to school, partly because she loves learning new things, but also partly because she has watched her parents struggle from a lack of education. 

Loxa's mother had to drop out of school in the third grade, and Loxa sees how hard her parents have to work to overcome hardships to provide for their family, many of which she understands are caused by a lack of education.

While Loxa isn't entirely certain what career she wants to pursue after graduation, she knows that she wants to continue learning and aspires to help others in her community. Loxa's dreams are turning into realities because Escalera is making it possible for Loxa to attend high school through their REACH program.

Short for "high school within reach," this program helps subsidize the costs for a child to attend school by providing scholarships to high school students for each semester of school they complete. These scholarships help pay for tuition, school books and supplies, uniforms, and more. These scholarships help offset the costs which can be the financial barriers that prevent families from being able to send their children to school. 

To support Escalera's efforts and to empower more children just like Loxa to chase their dreams, join the movement to Be One for Someone today. For as little as $11 per month, you can make a life-changing difference in a child's life.


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