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Overcoming trauma and rebuilding lives.

Hope for Justice's third step to ending human trafficking is restoration. Once rescued, Hope for Justice offers customized care at restoration centers to help individuals overcome past traumas and begin rebuilding their lives.

Hope for Justice's multi-disciplinary advocacy teams provide victim-centered support and provide for a rescued individual’s vital needs, including housing, mental health support, catch-up education, and employment opportunities at centers Hope for Justice calls Lighthouses. These Lighthouses serve as a guiding light in a dark time, empowering victims to move forward and learn to hope and dream again.

Hope for Justice also supports survivors through the criminal and civil justice processes to ensure they receive justice for the hardships they faced at the hands of exploitative individuals. 

Once restored, individuals are returned to their families or communities where they may begin their new life, full of hope. Individuals return empowered to use their new skills to support themselves and their families while educating others on the perils of trafficking, equipped with the know-how to never become entangled in the cycle of slavery again. 


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