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The journey of a young girl who escaped abuse only to be exploited again.

Click the play button above to watch a video about Ma Ni*, a young girl born and raised in the Battambang Province of Cambodia. Her family was extremely impoverished, able to afford to eat only one meal per day. When money was extremely sparse, the family would even resort to begging their neighbors to feed them. Making ends meet for Ma Ni was especially difficult as she was ruthlessly exploited for labor by her abusive father.

One day, Ma Ni saw a glimmer of hope as one of her customers offered her a much better job across the border in Thailand as a house cleaner. Eager to escape the abuse she endured at home, she excitedly accepted the offer, ready for a fresh start in a new country. Unfortunately, Ma Ni had no idea that what lay ahead for her was significantly worse than the life she had left behind.

Opportunity Turns Into Nightmare

In Thailand, Ma Ni’s life became a living nightmare once she realized the customer who “rescued” her was working with human traffickers. She was immediately sold to a trafficker who relentlessly raped her, and then sold her the next morning to another man.

Luckily, Ma Ni was a fighter and found a way to escape her severe situation, ultimately finding her way back to Cambodia. She immediately went to the police in pursuit of refuge, and they were able to safely bring her to the Hope for Justice Lighthouse Assessment Center in Phnom Penh.

From Darkness into Light

Reclaiming her life and destiny did not come easily. When she first arrived at the Lighthouse, Ma Ni was terrified, unable to sleep or shake the memories of what she had endured. The abuse played out repeatedly in her nightmares and, what was worse, Ma Ni blamed herself for what happened. However, slowly but surely, through Hope for Justice’s programs, therapy, and treatment, she realized that what happened to her was not her fault.

Ma Ni grew stronger every day, working tirelessly with other rescued victims at the Lighthouse to reclaim her life and fight for a prosperous future. 

“Coming to Hope for Justice was a turning point for my life. My life is filled with hope now. I feel like I know what I want my future to look like. I would like to say thank you for your help.”

- Ma Ni, survivor 

To be a part of ending human trafficking and to help victims of abuse like Ma Ni, please visit the link below to learn more about our partner, Hope for Justice, and donate today.


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