What We Do

From identifying to achieving: how lasting change happens.

At The D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation, we create and run our own projects and work with partners in the field to drive and sustain long-term change. This approach is based on the integration of five fundamental components.


We seek to identify and attack critical problems that receive far too little attention and empower individuals to positively affect their families and communities for years to come.


After identifying a problem, we evaluate the best way to help. At times it’s most effective for us to initiate our own project, while other situations call for us to partner with a strong nonprofit organization that aligns with our mission and is already working to resolve the issue. No matter how we choose to tackle an issue, our goal is to achieve maximum change for good.


When we decide to partner with another organization after thorough evaluation, we don’t just stand back. Instead, we work closely with them to implement effective strategies that increase our combined influence. With the projects we choose to initiate and run, we provide jobs to local leaders and community members who understand what resources are necessary to achieve results.


Innovation is key to collaboration, and our work is centered on crafting and implementing forward-thinking programs and progressive solutions that continually improve people’s lives. This approach goes beyond generating out-of-the-box ideas. It also includes simplifying and prioritizing our methods to address changing needs.


Finally, we address the biggest issue in charity: distribution of goods and services. We are either personally on the ground putting your donation into action, or we collaborate closely with our partners to implement a thoroughly planned and thoughtfully devised strategy. This way, we maximize the effect of every dollar. Then we prove it by sharing results and stories, so you can see and feel the impact you have.

What's Next