$233,061 raised


Hurricane Dorian Response Plan

$100,000 donated to fuel disaster response efforts.

Our Young Living family knows intimately the devastating impact of a powerful storm, and we’re grateful for those who are ready to jump in and roll-up their sleeves to serve.

We have all been closely following the stories of the people affected by Hurricane Dorian, especially those living in the Bahamas. It’s painful to see how the storm has caused thousands of individuals and families to evacuate, with many in need of shelter, food, water, and other basic necessities.

The Young Living Foundation is committing $100,000 to help those impacted by Hurricane Dorian and to be able to respond quickly to upcoming disasters. To do so, we’ve put our expertise and innovated spirit to work to find a nonprofit whose mission of providing a lasting impact aligns with our values.

Focused on long-term impact

All Hands and Hearts is a nonprofit organization that arrives early to natural disasters to provide relief where others do not focus and then stays long after to continue to help communities rebuild and recover. Based on their remote assessment of the Bahamas as well as contact with locals, All Hands and Hearts is looking to focus recovery efforts on school repairs and rebuilds.

The $100,000 (raised over the last two years through our Disaster Relief fund) will go to All Hands and Hearts, with $50,000 going to the Dorian relief efforts while the other $50,000 is reserved for additional efforts domestically.

All Hands and Hearts is coordinating logistics for volunteer engagement in the Bahamas. As of September 12, 2019, they had an initial assessment team on the ground beginning to review options. If you are interested in serving and will be able to find and pay for your own flight, please start by clicking below to fill out a preliminary application. We will contact you directly with more details as we receive them from All Hands and Hearts. General FAQs are down below.

When will volunteer opportunities to the Bahamas occur?
All Hands and Hearts is currently assessing the damage on the ground and will not be prepared to manage volunteer groups for the next few weeks. The Young Living Foundation will be coordinating with All Hands and Hearts on securing dates for our members to volunteer, and it is expected that volunteer work will begin in late October to early November.

Where will we stay?
All Hands and Hearts provides lodging for their volunteers for free. All volunteers stay at a volunteer base camp, which is usually hosted at a church or community center. Volunteer accommodations vary based on the location of the disaster and the availability of lodging, but volunteers can expect living conditions to be in a communal living space, with cots or bunk beds, shared bathrooms and kitchen space.

What will be provided?
All Hands and Hearts provides both lodging, food, water, tools, personal protective equipment, training, and transportation to and from work sites for all volunteers that are staying at the volunteer base. Volunteers are only required to find and pay for flights to the location. If you have additional questions, email us at info@younglivingfoundation.org.

To help accelerate the impact All Hands and Hearts is having on the ground and our other disaster relief efforts, please donate to our Disaster Relief fund today.

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