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Adam and Joseph are living the lives they always dreamed of with African Hearts.

August 15, 2018

Earlier this year, we were deeply impacted by the story of two young boys living in the streets of the Kisenyi slum, Adam and Joseph. While both arrived in the slums for different reasons and from different backgrounds, they found each other and found the will to survive together. We are so proud to share their progress with you today in the video above!

Since being rescued from the streets and welcomed to the African Hearts Transitional Home, both Adam and Joseph are living the lives they always dreamed of and are full of potential and hope to do good in their communities.

“When I grow up, I will also come and help African Hearts get more kids off the streets.” —Joseph

The boys are elated to be back in school. They are being empowered by knowledge and are able to be kids again!

“Education gives me an opportunity to look after my family when I grow up.” —Adam

To be a part of changing a child’s life, we invite you to contribute to the beautiful work that African Hearts continues to do empowering children and giving them a chance to feel loved and flourish.


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